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Alaska pradaxa Warnings, Pradaxa lawyers

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Pradaxa lawyers helping people injured by extensive bleeding in Alaska. Pradaxa is a prescription blood-thinning medication meant to lower the risk of stroke and blood clotting in individuals suffering from atrial fibrillation which is not caused by a heart valve issues. In patients suffering from atrial fibrillation, a portion of the heart is not beating correctly. This defect may cause the formation of blood clots which can in turn increase the risk of a stroke. Pradaxa is meant to decrease the formation of blood clots in the body, but it has been linked to some very serious potential side effects, including heart attack, heart failure, and uncontrolled bleeding.

Pradaxa has no antidote. If you or a loved one is taking Pradaxa please do not be alone for long periods of time. A simple fall can be fatal.

Call The Pradaxa  Helpline Alaska for Juneau and Fairbanks and Speak to a  geriatric medical social worker and  a  Pradaxa lawyer. it is recommended that persons under the age of 18 should not take Pradaxa as well as the elderly and people over the age of 75 as well as diabetics.

Pradaxa capsules contain the active ingredient dabigatran etexilate, which is a type of medicine called a direct thrombin inhibitor. It is used to stop blood clots forming within the blood vessels.

However keep in mind that pradaxa has no antidote and there have been reported fatalities associated with pradaxa. If you have a family member who was lost due to extensive bleeding from Pradaxa consult with a Pradaxa lawyer.

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