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Florida Auto Accident Lawyers, Uncontrollable Bleeding From Pradaxa

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Pradaxa is an anticoagulant with not anitdote. A simple auto accident with uncontrollable bleeding from pradaxa can lead to immediate death. EMS may be too late. They may not know You are on pradaxa. If you are on pradaxa we suggest you keep something on you to let EMS know you are on pradaxa. Auto accidents are serious, for Pradaxa patients they can be deadly. A simple tear can result in extensive bleeding.

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Injuries sustained from auto accidents and other vehicle accidents can result in fatal or severe injuries that require a lifetime of costly medical care. The force and impact of these collisions can cause catastrophic brain and spinal cord harm, as well as less severe injuries such as broken bones and internal injuries. Attorney Referral Service Personal Injury lawyers will protect you and your families legal rights.

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Extensive bleeding from Pradaxa


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