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Pradaxa helpline and New York Pradaxa lawyers are concerned about extensive Bleeding from Pradaxa. Below is an Article ffrom the New York Albany Times Union regarding a Pradaxa extensive bleeding. Pradaxa extnesive bleeding can be fatal.Pradaxa Helpline New York and NYC and Pradaxa  lawyers NY, NYC are helping people injured by extensive bleeding from pradaxa in: Albany, Binghamton, Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Catskills, Chautauqua, Elmira, Fairfield, Finger lakes, New Rochelle, White Plains, Glen falls, Hudson Valley, Ithaca, Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau, Manhatten,Nanuet, Nyack, Spring Valley, Oneonta, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Queens, Rochester, Staten island, Syracuse, Rockland County, Twin tiers, Utica, Watertwown, Westchester and all of New York State.

On December 7, 2011, the FDA warned it was investigating the safety of Pradaxa after receiving higher than expected reports of injury or death. The manufacturer itself had just admitted to receiving more than 260 death reports from the drug.

In January, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices reported the FDA received more cases of Pradaxa internal bleeding during the first quarter of 2011 than with any other drug. This included over 500 cases of Pradaxa bleeding compared to only 176 from patients taking warfarin.

On May 4, researchers at the 2012 Thrombosis and Hemotasis Summit of North America in Chicago announced early data from a study which examined the health risks of alternative blood thinners. The review, sponsored by Alere Inc., found doctors removing patients from Pradaxa earlier and more often than Coumadin (warfarin) due to complications during treatment.

While examining 2,200 patients, researchers found that only .88% of patients on warfarin experienced complications versus a shocking 11.5% of those taking Pradaxa. Some of the side effects of Pradaxa patients included internal bleeding, heart attack, DVT, gastrointestinal problems and even death.

Although all anticoagulants carry a risk of internal bleeding, most have a reversal agent available to doctors in emergency. A March 6, 2012 report by the Journal of Neurosurgery detailed a specific case and complaints by doctors that once Pradaxa causes internal bleeding in a patient, there is very little they can do to stop it.

Pradaxa helpline is concerned about pradaxa fatalities from extensive bleeding. Pradaxa lawyers filing New York lawsuits for bleeding fataliities from Pradaxa.




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