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Call the Pradaxa helpline Missouri to speak to a Geratric Social Worker and a Pradaxa lawyer for brain bleeds and extensive bleeding from Pradaxa. Get help for extensive Pradaxa Bleeding and a pradaxa lawyer for: Kansas City,   Saint Louis, Springfield,  Independence,  East Independence,  Columbia,   Lees Summit,   O'Fallon,  Saint Joseph,  Saint Charles.

Pradaxa was released in October, 2010 as a safe and effective anticoagulant for those dealing with atrial fibrillation. However, in the short time since its release, it has been the subject of an FDA warning, journal studies and injury lawsuits.

On December 7, 2011 the FDA announced that it was launching an investigation into the safety of Pradaxa after receiving higher than normal amounts of adverse reports of injury or death in patients.

Last November, Reuters reported that German drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim, who makes Pradaxa, had admitted receiving more than 260 confirmed reports of death from internal bleeding among Pradaxa users since launching the drug worldwide in 2008.

Although all anticoagulants typically carry a risk of internal bleeding, most have a reversal agent available to doctors in emergency. A March 6, 2012 report by the Journal of Neurosurgery detailed a specific case and complaints by doctors that once Pradaxa causes internal bleeding in a patient, there is very little they can do to stop it. If you are caring for somenone who has had fatal extensive bleeding from pradaxa in Missouri call the Pradaxa helpline today

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