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Pradaxa Helpline and pradaxa lawyers for pradaxa lawsuit in Albuquerque, Santa Fe ,Las Cruces, New mexico. helpling pradaxa victims in all of new mexico with brain hemmorhage from pradaxa.

A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke. It's caused by an artery in the brain bursting and causing localized bleeding in the surrounding tissues. This bleeding kills brain cells.

The Greek root for blood is hemo. Hemorrhage literally means "blood bursting forth." Brain hemorrhages are also called cerebral hemorrhages, intracranial hemorrhages, or intracerebral hemorrhages. They account for about 13% of strokes.

Pradaxa causes extensive bleeding which for a senior is dangerous`

Reported Side Effects By Cleveland Clinic

In addition to the serious side effects of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, a study out of the Cleveland Clinic  raised additional concerns of the association between Pradaxa and an increased risk of heart attacks. The study of 30,514 participants found a small increased risk of heart attack with diabigatran, the main ingredient in Pradaxa, compared to similar blood thinning medications. call the pradaxa helpline new mexico for a Pradaxa lawyer to file a Pradaxa lawsuit today.


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