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Tennessee Pradaxa Death, Pradaxa lawsuit Filed, pradaxa Lawyers

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Tennessee Pradaxa Lawyers are filing Tennessee wrongful death lawsuits for pradaxa.

New Tennessee Pradaxa Cerebral Hemorrhage Lawsuit Filed

By Scott Hardy


Pradaxa Box and BottleA new Pradaxa lawsuit has been filed alleging that it's behind a Tennessee resident's severe cerebral hemorrhage. The resident is not part of a Pradaxa class action lawsuit, but, chose to file his lawsuit individually, possibly to maximize his potential return if the Pradaxa case settles. The new Pradaxa internal bleeding lawsuit (Case No. 3:12-cv-00599MRK) states that the Plaintiff took Pradaxa from February, 22nd, 2011 to April 23rd, 2011. Pradaxa is typically prescribed to help reduce the risk of a stroke and is very popular, especially for older patients who are taking multiple medications, as it doesn't interact with other drugs the patient was prescribed. On, or near, April 23rd the Plaintiff suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, as well as a number of other severe personal injuries which are permanent. 
Internal bleeding and hemorrhage problems are typically treatable quickly unless the patient is taking Pradaxa. The issue is that Pradaxa, unlike warfarin and other blood thinner medication, can't be easily bypassed if a patient is experiencing severe internal bleeding or hemorrhage. The usual treatment used to bypass the effects of a blood thinner medication like warfarin is to just flush the patient's system with vitamin K with which stops warfarin's ability to interfere with blood clotting. Unfortunately, if a patient is taking Pradaxa and experiences severe internal bleeding or hemorrhage the only way to flush the system of Pradaxa is to put the patient on dialysis. This takes a significant amount of time in which the Pradaxa patient may die due to their severe internal bleeding or hemorrhage. Many families of Pradaxa patients are filing lawsuits against Boehringer Ingelheim for failing to notify them of the risk of death or severe injury  while taking Pradaxa. There are also discussions of a Pradaxa class action lawsuit being filed to help those who weren't as severely injured by Pradaxa.

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